Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Chris Stubbs

Chris Stubbs studio
It was a beautiful sunny morning.  The winding road past mansions and vineyards on the was up to Chris Stubbs house is a wonderful part of Yamhill County.  Her studio is at one end of a large house.  Stepping across a landscaped water way make you feel as if you are stepping into an enchanted place.  Well yes you are.  Lining the walls of her studio are her sensitive water color paintings.  When one of her portraits looks out at you, there is the feeling that it is not only you who is being looked at.

The flowers, the lily, the iris, the daffodils all float with color and calm.


Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Brad Speer

Brad Speer at his pottery.
I'm a potter and clay worker so going to see Brad Speer at his new studio is a special treat.  It is clear that Brad works with his hands, with his mind, and with his heart when he is crafting his utilitarian pottery.  He is developing mastery of all levels of the art.

His work is made to be used and to become part of your every day life.  The elegance of one of his cups or bowls is a pleasure to hold.  It in riches a person's morning even before that first sip of coffee. 

Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Dwight Evalt

Dwight Evalt at his studio
Dwight Evalt's studio reflects his multi-media interests.  His sculpture, his pottery, and his paintings all show his expertise and his quest for discovery and surprise.

Dwight is one of the leaders of the Art Harvest Studio Tour.  He helped put together the wonderful all Tour show at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg.


Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Jeanne Drevas and Adele O'Neal

Jeanne Drevas talks with Liz
Jeanne Drevas does unique art.  She lives at the end of a long curving dead end road on a side hill in a very unique house.  Adele O'Neal's jewelry is designed and crafted.

Visiting them at Jeanne's house was worth the trip. 


Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Maggie Bowman

Maggie show Liz a work in progress

Maggie Bowman is a jeweler who is expanding her techniques.  A Tour visit to her studio is an education.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  If you missed going to her studio you can see her work at NW Wine and Gifts on the corner of 3rd street and Evans in downtown McMinnville.  


Art Harvest Studio Tour Gallery Show at Chehalem Cultural Center

Art Harvest Studio Tour Show  Chehalem Cultural Center
Looking at Dwight Evalt paintings
There is still time.  You have until December 12th.  The absolutely fantastic show of the Art Harvest Studio Tour Artists is a pleasure.  Each of the Tour artists has two or more works in the show.  If you did not get a chance to visit the artists studios give yourself a treat.  Go to the Chehalem Cultural Center and see some of the truly beautiful art works being made here by our local artists.


Our Excellent Art Harvest Studio Tour Adventure: Marc and Veronica Bartlett

Veronica Bartlett
Marc and Veronica Bartlett live in an elegant old house in downtown Yamhill.  Marc's furniture is beautiful and Veronica's paintings and masks are colorful and playful.

Veronica talked to Liz about her work.  One of the great things about the Tour is learning from the artists about how they approach their work.